David Christian - EZ Twist Tennis Ball Retriever inventor

Modern day tennis started circa 1925. And now after over ninety years, the ideal tennis ball retriever has been invented!

Having suffered tremendous hip pain and eventual hip resurfacing, EZ Twist Tennis Ball Retriever inventor, David Christian, hated the task of bending over for many yeas,  and still does!

So, when he decided to take up tennis at age sixty-five, he found himself having to bend over to retrieve the many balls that collected on his side of the net. Certainly now, after double hip surgery, David is capable of bending down to pick up the tennis balls, but the years of pain and suffering basically conditioned him to refrain from bending over.

The conventional ways of retrieving tennis balls include:

  • working the ball between the racket and ankle then coordinate foot and racket to toss the ball up;
  • dribble/bounce the ball with the racket on the court surface gaining height with each repetition;
  • bend over and pick up the ball by hand;
  • pay to have a "ball boy" standing at ready to retrieve the balls.

None of these were easily learned, acceptable or affordable.

David knew he wasn't the only one who needed a better way to retrieve tennis balls. Then, considering the many people who play tennis and are unable to easily bend over, the idea struck. Create a super light-weight device that attaches to the butt end of a racket, allowing players to pick up tennis balls without bending over.

David made several prototypes and tested each until he finally had the perfect combination of materials and adhesive. He then began testing the EZ Twist Tennis Ball Retriever with willing participants. You'll definitely want to read the testimonials.


Our vision and method:


Certainly able bodied tennis players will enjoy this game-enhancing device. Additionally, people who are overweight or suffer joint or lower back issues will also benefit by playing the game with less strain. But even exciting is the benefit for the disabled tennis players. The International Tennis Federation reports that wheelchair tennis is one of the fastest growing sports for the disabled.  

With that in mind, we reached out to Disabled Sports USA USTA Wheelchair Tennis Association and Fatso Tennis to make EZ Twist Tennis Ball Retriever available for their members and learn ways we can be of continued support to the these and other similar organizations.

EZ Twist Tennis Ball Retriever is manufactured only in the U.S.A. Additionally, whenever possible, we contract or employ people with disabilities for package assembly and shipping.

It's our vision to increase interest in the game of tennis for people of all shapes, abilities, and level of play with the most ingenious tennis accessory ever: EZ Twist Tennis Ball Retriever.